Hello and thank you for your interest! Here is a bit about me...

I grew up in Sturgis, Michigan surrounded by nature, and now live in Grand Rapids after studying illustration at Grand Valley State University. It wasn't until I starting creating paintings in nature, along the shoreline, that I could be fully passionate about my work. The natural beauty of Lake Michigan and life within it's dunes evoked inspiration within me, and is now my main subject.

My work is a reflection of my spiritual journey through life. Through my paintings, I capture the divine spirit, life and energy force that is within all forms, surrounds and connects us all. I often listen to music while creating my work and its influence can be visually seen in my pieces through its movement. My paintings feel as if they are dancing and come to life with the movement, patterns and rhythms I create with my strokes.  Like a metaphor for life, each piece I create has a natural flow to it, and all of the strokes connect and influence each other.  The title for each piece are often uplifting words that encompass my consciousness and is also often influenced by situations in my life at the time of creating the piece. Their titles often mimic the visualization and animation of the piece and bring it to life.  With my work I hope to positively influence others, and bring beauty, light, love, and inspiration to their lives.

I show my work at fine art festivals along the lakeshore and I am currently represented by Lafontsee Galleries of Grand Rapids and Douglas, MI,  as well as Somebody's Gallery in Petoskey, MI. To view my work in person please visit or set up an appointment with the galleries.

Feel free to contact me with an questions about my work, and commission possibilities.



269 779 2225






Best in Show - Traverse City's Outdoor Art Fair - Crooked Tree Arts

James Boyce Family Award - Waterfront Invitation Art Fair - Saugatuck Douglas Art Club



Mayor's Award - Waterfront invitational Art Fair -Saugatuck Douglas Art Club



Best in Show Award - Art on the Riverfront Fine Arts Show - Gallery Uptown

Poster Contest Award - Art on the Riverfront Fine Arts Show - Gallery Uptown



Merit Award - The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration 

Honorable Mention - Ad Campaign - Associated Collegiate Press Advertising Awards

1st, 2nd and 3rd place -Single Ad Award - Michigan Press Association



Somebody's Gallery - Petoskey, MI

Lafontsee Galleries - Grand Rapids/Dougals, MI

Gather - Bloomington, IN

Homespun: Modern Handmade - Indianapolis, IN