Plein Air Magazine Award - Best Artist Under 30

I am happy to announce that I was awarded "Best Artist Under 30" for my painting, Breathe, by the Plein Air Magazine in the Plein Air Salon for the December/January competition.  Breathe captures the South Manitou Island, a reoccurring subject in my work, sitting among the beautiful blue horizon line of Lake Michigan. I love the way the clouds create so much movement and life to this piece. This painting is one of my favorites that I have created and  I am so happy that it allowed me to win this award. 


Preserved! Capturing West Michigan's Natural Areas Through Art and Conservation

I visited the Flower Creek Dunes for the first time recently, to become inspired for the Land Conservancy of West Michigan's art show, Preserved! I have been creating paintings for this show throughout the summer at their various preserved lands, and really enjoyed how the pieces from this preservation turned out.  

The Flower Creek Dunes really are a unique place.  From all of the beaches that I have visited in the past, there have been none with a creek quite like this. The park was peaceful with its rolling grassy dunes, and slow creek.  The pale yellow grasses against the soft blue lake were quite stunning. When viewing my paintings you can almost feel how peaceful the moments were at this beach. Each one gently moves your eye around the image, feeling the wind blowing softly.

There will be two exhibits for the Preseved! art show. One will be hosted at Lafontsee Galleries in Douglas on October 21st and 22nd, and one in Grand Rapids at the Harris Building from Nov 1st - 15th. The opening reception for this event is on Nov. 1st at the Harris Building in Grand Rapids.  Tickets are $20. 

Please attend if you are interested in seeing work inspired by the preserved lands in West Michigan and also interested in contributing to their preservation. I captured the Flower Creek Dunes and the beautiful life and vegetation there through three different paintings. I cannot wait to share them at the Preserved! event.


Douglas Exhibit - October 21-22nd
Lafontsee Galleries
410 Center St Douglas, MI

Grand Rapids Opening Reception $20
Wednesday, Nov. 1st
5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
The Harris Building
111 Division Ave S.
Grand Rapids, MI

To purchase tickets for the Grand Rapids event:



Preserved! Land Conservancy of West Michigan - Lost Lake

This summer I will be creating pieces for the Land Conservancy of West Michigan's Art show called, Preserved!.  Multiple Michigan artists will be creating artwork that captures the preserved lands that the LCWM takes care of and supports. The work that we create will be inspired be these preserved lands in the wWest Michigan area, and will be available at the art show held in October. Sales will benefit and help support the West Michigan Land Conservancy and all the positive work they do for the nature that surrounds us. 

The first piece I created for the art show, Preserved!, was created on scene at Lost Lake, located among the Muskegon State Park.  This lake was beautiful and so pristine.  The hike to the secluded lake was very magical and had large pine trees that brought you out to a small lake with so much growth and life around it!  I have not been to a lake that was that untouched before.  I hiked all around it taking photographs for inspiration for future paintings, while finding the perfect spot to paint on scene. The variation of vegetation was outstanding along the lake, and it was a beautiful day spent painting.  I can't wait to see what else the LCWS has been preserving.



LowellArts! West Michigan Art Show - Honorable Mention

I was pleased to have to of my pieces accepted into the LowellArts! West Michigan Art Show.  I have been apart of it in the past and this year really stood out, because of the new bright space in downtown Lowell.  It was so welcoming. 


There was a great pieces chosen to be in the show by, juror Nichole Maury, who is a printmaker and also professor at Western Michigan University. I received and honorable mention for my piece, Honesty is Key, and am very thankful.  The piece captures a family of trees living on the sandy dunes of Sleeping Bear overlooking loved Glen Lake.  The views are stunning from that vantage point and I hope my piece captures its beauty and life. 


My piece, Porcupine Mountains Lookout, was also accepted.  I love this piece.  It is much more simple than the paintings I create in my studio.  I made the piece on location after carrying all of my stuff in my pack on my back, literally up a mountain.  It was so tuff, but I had to keep going to reach the top and was not going to go back.  Once climbed up to the top my hike was rewarded with beautiful views. This piece captures one of those views and was I created much faster and in the moment than usual. I really like the simplistic patterns that were created when I wasn't able to think and plan it as much. I hope to recreate this more simple style in the future.

Overall the show turned out really great and I cannot wait to enter again in the future. Below are some more images of show.

Lafontsee Galleries

My work is now hung, and I will now be represented by Lafontsee Galleries. They have such wonderful work there and the staff is filled with great people. Lafontsee has two locations, the main gallery being in Grand Rapids, and the other near the lakeshore in Douglas. You will now be able to view my available paintings in person and purchase my work through them.  I am very excited to be apart of Lafontsee and to be able to expand my presence in the art world. Please feel free to visit either gallery and experience the beautiful art that is being showcased.